Spring Brings a Mess o’ Greens

With the onset of spring and the CSA kicking up, apparently here in MA this brings a big ol’ mess o’ greens. In brainstorming recipes, I try to focus on what recipes are simple. Recipes that display the beauty of each fresh veggie, herb or fruit, but those that also combine the flavors well. Here are my recipes, some work, some don’t and their notes and reviews below.


  • lovage
  • oregano
  • thyme
  • chives
  • chive flowers








For the turnips, I roasted them at 450° after tossing them in a mix of balsamic, olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper. I added some red potatoes in there as we didn’t have enough turnips to use alone. After 30 minutes the potatoes were done. Some of the turnips ended still being a bit crisp. This was not my favorite for turnips. If we get them again, I’ll try something different.

Recipes for turnip greens proves to be more difficult. I found a salad recipe, some Southern sautee greens recipes and a turnip greens tart recipe that appeared interesting.

I’m torn between the mess o’ greens with warm pecan dressing recipe and the tart. I would really like the greens to shine, and really want to incorporate more raw goodies into my life again with less creamy, heavy dishes. Decisions.

Since neither of us has tried this herb before, I thought what better than a recipe where it’s the star. So I’ve got two types of things picked out and I’ll make a final choice later.
chicken with lovage and lemon
lovage soup
Summer Vichyssoise With Green Peas and Lovage

I wanted something there they would shine. So of course their spiciness needs to stand out but not be overwhelmed. What a better way than a mixed green massaged salad AND spicy mustard green pesto over roasted potatoes.

Of course this brings all those lovely Asian flavors to mind for me. I immediately imagine a slaw which I can pair with Tiff’s favorite salmon recipe. Google brought me this lovely slaw/salad, actually called Crisp Baby Bok Choy Greens in Tangy-Sweet, Sesame-Soy Vinaigrette. It’ll be paired with a favorite: budget bytes’s Teriyaki Salmon sans Sriracha mayo.


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